The Essentials: Shinguards

While you’re sparring, would you punch someone without gloves? Probably not. That would be unnecessarily painful when you are simply practicing. So then why would anyone kick without shin guards? Considering a kick is much more powerful than a punch this should be very obvious. But still you see people sparring without them.

Sparring is very useful for practicing your weak areas and sharpening your overall game and muscle memory. Of course at times you will want to increase the intensity but there is still no need to cause any unnecessary damage and bruising. If you slipped up and got roundhoused it’s still going to hurt. And you still learned your lesson not to make that mistake again. There is no use in further adding any damage during a training session.
Check it out!

Just as with gloves and mouthguards, many schools will not even let you spar without shin guards. So check out these and get a pair. It’s essential.

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