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The importance of grappling 0

The importance of grappling

This one time I was making a sandwich. I got some peanut butter and some jelly. It was going to be delicious. I took it all the way to work and was so excited...

Interview With The Beast, Jim Alers 0

Submitting opponents with Jim Alers

There are few things funnier than watching two grown men grapple when neither of them know how to submit the other. It looks like they’re children, playing a constant game tug of war but...

Interview With Kurt “The Hurt” Southern 0

Get to the ground with Kurt Southern

Having skills on the ground is really fun. When the other person can’t grapple to save their life and you are a skilled BJJ practitioner, you will finally know what it felt like to...

Fight Southpaw With Gilbert Jamal Smith 0

Fight Southpaw With Gilbert Jamal Smith

Become A Badass Make sure to come back tomorrow, we have new videos every day! Step 1: Like the page to the right Step 2: Signup to the left Step 3: Share the video...

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