Category: The Essentials

Gloves 0

The Essentials: Gloves

If you were to play football you’d need a football. If you were playing hockey you’d need a hockey stick. If you were a jockey you’d need a saddle. As an MMA fighter, you...

Mouthguard 0

The Essentials: Mouthguard

There are two things all masculine MMA men love. Fighting and women. They go hand in hand. You notice a woman in the crowd seeing you whoop some ass and can tell she thinks...

Shinguards 0

The Essentials: Shinguards

While you’re sparring, would you punch someone without gloves? Probably not. That would be unnecessarily painful when you are simply practicing. So then why would anyone kick without shin guards? Considering a kick is...

Cup 0

The Essentials: Cup

It takes a lot of balls to fight and train without a cup protecting them. Unfortunately you will certainly lose them doing so. A skilled MMA fighter can easily send a roundhouse flying with...

Blender Bottle 0

The Essentials: Blender Bottle

Take a second and think of all the sports that you can and what equipment you may need for each. In contact sports you’ll need pads and a helmet. But the types vary between...

Headgear 0

The Essentials: Headgear

“What doesn’t kill me only makes me stronger.” This is true among many different areas of life. Exercising will break down and build your muscles and getting exposure to illness builds immunity. But getting...

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