FighterEmpire’s Review of TopGameBJJNH

Who is the head instructor?

The head instructor of TopGameBJJNH is Tyson Chartier. He is a highly successful lifelong athlete and businessman who completed his MBA from Southern New Hampshire University. At TopGame you don’t need to worry about your instructor’s credentials, Chartier has had many noteworthy achievements. Just a few to name would be his MMA record of 11-4, Boston Heralds “Amateur fighter of the year”, “#1 Ranked Northeast Lightweight fighter of 2010, CES “knockout of the year” 2012. This is just several of many accomplishments.
Tyson currently manages multiple fighters, several of them under contract with the UFC and Bellator. You will be in good hands under Tyson, he mentors and cares for each of his students individually even driving hours to their fights so he can corner them with no monetary incentive.

TopGameBJJNH is a newly created small school with a big brotherhood vibe. Through a small class setting which insures individual instruction, under Tyson Chartier you will have a place where everyone feels comfortable, welcomed, and never judged. One thing many notice training here from other schools is the cleanliness. To prevent infection, Chartier insures that the mat is always clean and sanitized after every class.

Through his teaching style you will have a thorough understanding of why you are doing what you’re doing. Instead of focusing on what moves to do and how, Tyson focuses on the why. You will have a thorough understanding of not only what move to do and how to do it, but the core strategy behind why you are doing it. Like many others have found, whether your goals are competition or self-improvement you will find exactly what you need here.


Checkout TopGame’s Schedule
Adult BJJ: TopGame offers 1 hour and 15 minute adult BJJ classes Monday-Friday in both Gi and No Gi. Rolling will be done daily for about 30 minutes in this class.
Cardio Kickboxing: This class is geared towards training your stamina and overall fitness through striking drills. There is no sparring in this class.
Kids martial arts: This class is geared towards teaching kids how to grapple early on largely through the use of games to keep their attention. There is no rolling in this class so don’t worry about your kids getting hurt.

Contact info

Checkout TopGame’s Facebook page!
Phone number 603-370-0368
575 South Willow St. Unit B3
Manchester, New Hampshire