The Essentials: Headgear

“What doesn’t kill me only makes me stronger.” This is true among many different areas of life. Exercising will break down and build your muscles and getting exposure to illness builds immunity. But getting repeatedly punched in the face will only weaken your jaw and make you more prone to knockouts in the future. You may have an iron chin but too many hard sparring sessions and you will lose it.

While doing anymore than light sparring you should always be wearing headgear. Sparring is very useful for training your skills and finding out where you need more work. You are practicing your weak areas and sharpening your overall game and muscle memory. There is no use in damaging your body before you even step into the ring and compete.

Use your brain before it’s too late and invest in the headgear we’ve recommended. You’ll continue training and have the luxury of keeping your intelligence as well as your jaw for the times it really matters. It’s essential.
Check it out!

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