The Essentials: Mouthguard

There are two things all masculine MMA men love. Fighting and women. They go hand in hand. You notice a woman in the crowd seeing you whoop some ass and can tell she thinks you’re hot. She’s giving you that look so you go up to speak with her. But the second you open your mouth she runs away horrified. What went wrong? Did you say the wrong thing? Does your breath smell funny? Were you better looking at a distance? Oh yeah, you don’t have any teeth.

If you notice any fighter or contact sports player what do they all have?

A mouthguard

This is so essential that if you forget to bring it to the gym I would recommend not even training for the day. Or going back to get it. It’s not like you can borrow someone else’s mouthguard and rolling without one is not the worth the risk at all. You never know when you may catch that unlucky hit while sparring and end up spitting out your teeth. If you want to train and don’t want to get a mouthguard you can say goodbye to smiling, sleeping with women and eating meat because you wanted to save 5-10 dollars. Buy a mouthguard and buy a good one. Its essential.

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